Second Fueling – South Pasadena ARCO / True Zero Station

Location: South Pasadena ARCO, 1200 Fair Oaks Avenue, South Pasadena, CA 91030

True Zero Hydrogen Station


This refueling station is conveniently located at an ARCO station. Unlike the Diamond Bar station, which is located on government property, refueling at this True Zero pump allows you to use a bathroom, buy beverages/snacks, easily fill your tires, and so on; in other words, enjoy the convenience of a traditional gas station. You’re also refueling with plenty of other people around, whereas the Diamond Bar station is scantly lit at night and certainly not monitored by a living being.

Using this station was easy and quick. The pump is located by the garage and beside (but separate from) traditional gas pumps. Curious onlookers watch, as you’re sort of on display.

In the event of rain there would be no cover here, though, so that could be a mild disaster.




An infographic attached to the pump provided ample thought about why one would even drive a Mirai and search out this particular ARCO, for example, among the hundreds (thousands?) of others.

More than anything, driving a Mirai is an environmental choice. 33.6% of hydrogen fuel already comes from renewable sources, compared to 27.5% of electricity for an EV in California. Both numbers can—and will—increase. Both should increase as more consumers adopt the technology. And both types of vehicles produce zero emissions. On a smoggy day in Southern California, I’ve really come to appreciate what it means to be driving but not polluting the air

More than being a “cool car,” the Mirai represents a choice to move toward a renewable future. True Zero, the supplier of hydrogen fuel at this station (and many others), aims to utilize “100% renewable hydrogen in 5 years.”
Total cost, covered by Toyota


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